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Muslim Folk Music Has Arrived In the West, And It Is Oh, So Sweet…


Muslim Folk Music
Has Arrived

Muslim Folk

And it is Oh, So Sweet…


Below is the (presumably, first) music video of the Muslim folk band, “SilkRoad.”

My take: Not only is it unique (because, well, being an all-Muslim folk band would obviously be the definition of unique), but, unlike so many Muslim endeavors into art, it is actually good. Or, to put it another way, it’s actually something your average college student might jive to, regardless of his or her faith. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Click play and hear it for yourself.



Fortunately, the good news doesn’t end there. They’ve just put out their first album, and, after giving it a bit of a sample myself, I must say, it was very good to my ears. So, kudos to Faraz Yousufzai and all the brothers of SilkRoad for doing something awesome and relevant, and helping the world see that there is such a thing as “Western Islam.” You’ve made me proud, bro.

Note: For those who wish to read an excellent article written by brother Faraz Yousufzai himself, in which he details his journey through the world of music as a Western-born Muslim, I would highly recommend his article on the Muslim Institute website.

Click Image to  Sample Album

Click Image to
Sample Album


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