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I Have Published My First Novel…


Illuminators (small)

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Yes, it is true. I have written a novel. I started it in early December of 2013, and finished the first draft in 4 months. I’ve since made multiple revisions, edits, spellchecks, and did some fine-tuning until I felt it was as perfect as it could possibly be. It is my labor of love, a piece of work that I wrote at a time of immense spiritual, emotional, and material turmoil in my life, and was thus able to pour everything into what I consider to be my art (i.e., writing). Every frustration I have with the modern world is in this book, as well as my dearest and most honest hopes for what I wish the world to be. But this only speaks to the more vague aspects of my writing it.

To give a more concrete explanation of my inspirations in writing the novel, I’ll say only this: Many great works of English literature have been inspired by Christianity. Everything from the great psychological narratives of Fyodor Doestoevsky (technically Russian fiction, I know, but he has greatly inspired the English speaking world), to the dystopian future created by Aldous Huxley in “A Brave New World,” to beautiful yarns of fantasy such as “The Lord of the Rings,” and “The Chronicles of Narnia.” For several years I opined (internally, to myself) that, though Islam was a vast and rich spiritual tradition (particularly as it relates to its mystical branch, -Sufism), nevertheless it has never inspired a well-written work of fiction that I’m aware of. So, for years I thought to myself, “If a good enough idea ever hits me, I will be the one to write such a work.”

Eventually, I had an idea.

“What if,” I thought, “a novel took place in the future… far into the future, in a world that was completely dominated by corporate and capitalist tyranny, materialism, envy, and greed? And what if, in that world, there was a group of spiritualists/minimalists that opposed it? And what if the two sides had a war? What would happen?” I immediately jotted down a list of characters and what their roles would be, and, to my surprise as I reviewed this little “brainstorm,” I felt as though the idea had great potential. Within a week I had written the first chapter (and it is one of the few chapter titles that hasn’t changed: “Ghanu’s Letter Opener.”)


Now, though the work is “inspired” by Islam (and Sufism in particular), I refused the temptation of going “full-on Muslim” in the work. I wanted the novel to be something that could appeal to people of all faiths (or no faith), and not just to those who practice my own faith. So, instead of being “Muslim,” the protagonists are devotees of an invented “futuristic” religion known as “The Grand Order of Illuminators.” Their founder (a cloaked metaphor for the Prophet Muhammad -upon whom be peace) is known only as “The Illuminated One,” their Deity is referred to as “The Source,” and their current “Master,” an elderly saint named “Ghanu,” is one of the main characters. It is Ghanu who has clandestinely orchestrated an attack on the arch-nemeses of the Order, the CorpState, a governmental power structure in which corporations rule all with a firm hand.

So, that is the “history” of my novel, in a nutshell. Below is an image of the “back flap”, wherein more information about the actual story is provided in greater detail:

Back Flap

NOTE: The price in the above image is not the actual price. It is currently listed at 2.99$ USD for the ebook, in order to encourage sales (so get it at that very reasonable price right now, because that is subject to change). It WILL be available in print soon, so you may want to “like” the novels’ official Facebook page here in order to get future updates.

What I humbly request of any and all who buy this book:

Please, please PLEASE review it on both and Goodreads once you’ve finished it. This is a sort of “free marketing” for me that will certainly help sales. And please encourage your family and friends to buy the book. Aside from being a very thought-provoking, philosophical novel, it’s also a fun adventure/fantasy story! And if this book does well, I have at least 2 sequels I will write, God willing!

At any rate, thank you all for your continued support, and don’t forget to spread the word and write those reviews!

God Bless!


United States: here dude.
United Kingdom: here bruv.
Australia: here mate.
Canada: here ‘ay.

Word of Caution:

Just a heads up, this is a work of adult fiction. I.E., it contains a few wirty dords and some love scenes and whatnot, and is intended for a mature audience. ;)

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